Hello, I Design Custom Websites...

I maintain them too. My name is Dave Pettigrew and I have been a career computer programmer since 1976. I live in Lexington, North Carolina where I started Netfrontage.com in 2002. I have been designing and maintaining custom websites for small and large clients ever since.

My clients know me as the web guy. You will find links to their websites below. I welcome you to contact them as they are my references. They are all extremely happy with their worry free, custom built websites. They don't have to know how to add or change things. All they have to do is send me an email and their website is changed within a day.

If you need a local professional to design a custom website tailored to your business who you can depend on in the future to maintain your website so you can concentrate on being a business person not a programmer, then call or email me.


Check out the websites I created and maintain for my clients